Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate Program in Data Analytics for Finance and Insurance

Earn a Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics for Finance and Insurance!

Get recognized for your knowledge of analytics when you earn a graduate certificate in Data Analytics for Finance and Insurance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!

This certificate can also count towards the full graduate degree program in Predictive Analytics & Risk Management, which you can earn either upon completion of the four core courses in the certificate program, or in conjunction with the curriculum of the full degree program.

Opportunities for both classroom and remote learning!

  1. Program can be completed in a year
  2. Flexibility for working professionals
  3. Experiential learning
  4. Enhance skills in field of data science

There is a list of 4 courses for the student to earn the graduate certificate:

  1. ASRM 533 Risk Management Regulation and Practice (4 credit hours)
  2. ASRM 552 Predictive Analytics (4 credit hours)
  3. ASRM 595 Deep Learning for Finance and Insurance (4 credit hours)
  4. ASRM 499 Statistics for Risk Modeling (4 credit hours)