Careers & Advising

Career Advising Services

The PARM program at UIUC is dedicated to facilitating the success of its students in all areas of development during their enrolment in the program. The PARM faculty and staff is available to assist the students in several areas of development:

  • Career Services and Career Development
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Areas of Concentration
  • Degree Requirements
  • Various Administration Requirements
  • Networking in the industry

There are also workshops available for students to assist them with resume development, interview preparation, networking and job searching, and development of communication skills and professionalism. The additional resources and support will be tailored to reflect both students who have continued their education after their undergraduate degree and students who have a professional background with industry experience who are returning to school to re-direct their careers towards the data science profession.

We will answer your questions either in person directly via email, or through a scheduled Zoom appointment for a more in-depth conversation when required.

Once a PARM student, you are encouraged to meet with your academic advisor, to help you in your course selection and address any questions and concerns that you may have. During the first year, you are encouraged to benefit from the multiple career resources available at the University of Illinois to foster your connections and secure internship and recruitment opportunities.








Employers wishing to hire PARM students can receive assistance through the University’s Illinois Career Center. Access the Career Center Recruiting Guide, HireIllini Recruitment Policies and listings of career fair opportunities.

The on-campus recruiting software Handshake connects students, employers and alumni to events, jobs and internships at the campus wide level. The system helps recruiters to:

  • View applicants’ resumes and cover letters
  • Search for candidates with profiles and/or resumes in the system
  • Edit your company profile and post jobs
  • Select candidates for interviews
  • View your interview schedules

Data Science is growing rapidly throughout the globe and many industries are embracing tis field as numerous organizations to solve complex problems that require various tools in predictive analytics. There isn’t any one industry that only provides opportunities for career advancement for graduates of this program. The knowledge and skills that are built from this program are marketable to any industry where data science and predictive analytics can help organizations solve complex business problems involving large, complex, and disparate data. These opportunities can span both private and public sector entities and can intersect globally. With advances in computing, AI, and technology, the demand for career professionals in this field is in high demand.

There are already many companies with strong brand recognition who have turned to data science to address these needs and are hiring candidates with skills in this field. While large organizations like Amazon and Walmart are more obvious examples, other  examples of companies filling roles in AI and predictive analytics include:

  • Starbucks
  • Burberry
  • McDonald’s
  • Spotify
  • The North Face

The applicability of predictive analytics has broad appeal. It is not specific to one industry or sector. Candidates in this field armed with a degree in predictive analytics and risk management will have numerous potential opportunities for employment anywhere an organization has identified the use of predictive analytics as essential to their ongoing success,