The Co-op Appeal

The opportunity to participate in a co-operative education program with the academic rigor of PARM can provide a unique and rich experience for students enrolled in this program. The reality is, that, although a number of undergraduate and graduate programs offer co-op, it is rare that you will find the opportunity to include co-op in a graduate program with a multidisciplinary focus such as PARM.

Simply put, co-operative education is a component of academic study that involves students completing work placements, which are temporary but full-time in terms of scope, for the period of employment. These work placements involve the students working at a job where the role and tasks are related to the program of study. The work placement typically takes place either between academic terms and/or upon completion of all course work. The length of time for the co-op placement is typically the length of a full academic term of study, which is longer than what is typically experienced with a summer internship.

Co-op, while an optional part of the PARM program, can provide many benefits to the student experience, namely:

  • Direct and practical experience related to the field of study (data science)
  • Exposure and development of various skills and competencies, and the acquisition of knowledge that is separate from academic course work
  • The opportunity to be paid a full-time salary during, or shortly after, completion of the program
  • A possible change of location to a work placement unique and different from the campus experience
  • The ability to network in the industry by making key professional contacts as a result of the co-op placement

The combination of PARM with co-op has the potential to provide the most complete and rewarding experience for students seeking a graduate program in data science and predictive analytlcs.

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